About Us

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Chantelle and I'm the Founder and Sewist (and everything else, tbh) here at lil so&so handmades. Here are some other things that you might want to know:

lil so&so officially launched in November 2020, but was a long time in the making. It took a worldwide pandemic to finally push me into starting my own line of handmade goods both out of necessity (I was laid off) and interest (I was bored and had a long list of ideas)

Every step of the design and making process is done by me in my home studio in beautiful East Vancouver, BC, Canada. When possible, materials are also sourced locally through textile recycling programs and other local businesses. I strive to be as zero-waste as possible.

My brand story is pretty simple. I love to make beautiful things that are useful, fun, and stylish. My ethos embraces slow fashion, I want my customers to cherish the items I make for them with my own two hands and for the items to outlast trends and be useful for as long as possible in order to minimize waste.

I consider making to be a political act and my politics and identity are woven into my products. I exist at many intersections and my experiences at these intersections inform my making practice. I am a queer, fat, chronically ill, neurodivergent, antiracist, leftist, parent and these intersections are represented in my work and in everything else I do.

Finally, my interests beyond sewing include knitting, cooking, growing food, reading, playing with my toddler, and travelling (whenever we can do that again). My spouse is German so we are bilingual at home (well, him and my son are....I struggle) and we spend our vacations in Germany visiting family. It is our home away from home and a very special place for me. OH, also, we have a sweet pet hedgehog named Lucy who is the inspiration for my logo.